Sandbox Markdown Reproduction

February 2022 ยท 2 minute read

For a while now, Hexroll is bundling the source markdown file of every sandbox inside the downloaded Zip file. I added this to allow modifying the sandbox so you can add additional or external content and links.

The only thing that was missing was a way to regenerate the HTML file and this is now live online.

Customize your sandbox

So you generated or downloaded a Hexroll sandbox - but it’s not exactly the way you want it. Perhaps you’re missing a city map or an inspiring visual. Perhaps you want to add more content to a specific hex or additional background stories to one or more NPCs.

Editing a markdown file is easier than editing HTML - and with a text-editor, you can now edit the Hexroll sandbox markdown file, add content or modify it in any way you like.

Once you’re done, you can then navigate to the Hexroll Convertor and use it to regenerate the HTML file to reflect your additions or changes. Simply upload your modified markdown file, press the ‘Convert’ button and after a few seconds you’ll recieve the reproduced HTML file.


The Hexroll markdown file is big and includes some custom-tailored HTML code. Therefore it is unlikely you’ll be able to edit it using an online markdown editor (or other non-efficient editing environments).

I recommend editing the file using a simple text-editor such as notepad++ or VSCode.

Some examples

I generated a sandbox using these parameters and added a few things:

Generated City

Some of the most impressive generators out there are written by Watabou. I used the Medieval Fantasy City Generator to create a suitable map for The City of Nadan. I spent a few minutes adding some key landmarks - and it’s already adding so much more to the bare text.


With some additional photos I took in one my recent trips, the sandbox gets a more personal touch.


What’s next

There’s a big content update coming soon focusing on the hex and realm level. This will be followed with yet another iteration of content improvements from the dungeon level up to the realm level - marking the generator v1.0-ish.

I’ll keep you posted soon - and until then - enjoy the crawl.