Our Homebrew

old-school table-top roleplaying

I started playing TTRPGs in 1991. I lived in Jerusalem, and at the time finding core rule books or adventure modules was not easy. I frequented second-hand bookstores, trying to find anything on the subject.

Danny Books in Jerusalem

When I found the 'red box', I was so happy. I finally found an outlet to my inner world. I carry this feeling with me since then, and I try to recreate it.


I had the privilege of playing with good friends over the years, both as a teenager and as an adult, but being a game master (almost always), both game time and prep time became an issue.

Fast-forward, I have three kids .I’m saying 'have', but what I actually mean is that they use rooms in my house and eat the food I make. And so I figured, at the very least, they should share my excitement and play with me.

Sandbox Generator

While we are still not there yet, progress has been made. The English is bad, structure is off and the variety is certainly not there, but the prototype is working.

At the moment, the link will have a new randomly generated sandbox every 5 minutes.

When it is ready, the generator will be able to fully populate hexes, dungeons, towns and stores as well as create and link story hooks, lost artifacts and NPCs, levers, keys, passphrases etc.

Elements of Fantasy

To alleviate the time constraint, we devised our own homebrew. A rules-light, D6-based system that works well with young kids and can be played anywhere and anytime.

I published the first Hebrew version in 2013. When COVID hit, we decided to complete the English translation, naming it "Elements of Fantasy". If you are a beginner player or a busy GM who wants to play a rules-light OSR game, you might find it interesting. It sure worked well introducing my kids to the joy of old-school pen & paper RPGs and we play the game almost every weekend.

Download the FREE PDF and character sheets

Core rules pamphlet is only 28 pages long including covers.

You can probably read through it during your next lunch break.

Requires regular six-sided dice.

You’re on vacation and you want to play, but you forgot your dice set. Just borrow some regular six-sided dice from your nearest board game and you’re good to go.

No prescribed classes, professions or races

Want your character to be a humanoid-tigress alchemist-warrior, you got it.

Character Sheet Mind-map

We think it makes it easier to figure out roll modifiers and link equipment with skills.

Printed Version

Coming soon - we’re trying different print products to see what works best. We have several prototypes and we’re currently revising the layout to make it aesthetic and pleasant to read and use.

GM guide

Coming soon, including monster stats, magical items and traps tailored for the game mechanics.

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