July 2021 · 1 minute read

I started playing TTRPGs in 1989. I lived in Jerusalem, and at the time finding core rule books or adventure modules was not easy. I frequented second-hand bookstores, trying to find anything on the subject.

Danny Books

When I found the ‘red box’, I was so happy. I finally found an outlet to my inner world. I carry this feeling with me since then, and I try to recreate it.

A fraction of my collection

I had the privilege of playing with good friends over the years, both as a teenager and as an adult, but being a game master (almost always), game time and prep time became an issue.

Fast-forward, I have three kids .I’m saying ‘have’, but what I actually mean is that they use rooms in my house and eat the food I make. And so I figured, at the very least, they should share my excitement and play with me.

Pen, Dice & Paper is our family project of passion. A way for us to organise (and share) the things we make for our games.

Enjoy your stay, brave adventurer!